Student Pick-up Forms

Alternative Pick-up plans:

If anyone other than a parent or guardian at the school will be picking up your child, they must be listed in your child’s “other contacts” in BigSIS.

To add someone to your child’s “other contacts”:

  • Go to your BigSIS Portal
  • Click on the “Parents” tab
  • Click on “View” next to your child’s name”
  • Click on the “Other Contacts” tab
  • Click “New”

For regularly scheduled alternative pick-ups:

Complete the “Alternative Pick-up Person form and submit it to the front desk along with a copy of their driver’s license.

Alternative Pick-up Person Form

For day-of or one off changes of plan

Whether your child will be picked up by a different person or go home with a friend, please notify the front desk at (312-733-5337 or so we can make sure they make it home safely.


We love carpooling here at Urban Prairie! To help us get children in the right car in a timely manner, please complete this carpool form.

Carpool Plan