Parent Community

The purpose of Parent Community is to coordinate parent/guardian volunteer opportunities for faculty and classroom assistance, and assistance to Administration, community building and parent education, as well as to foster communication among parents/guardians and the governing bodies, including the Board of Trustees, Faculty and Administration. Its mission is to actively engage parents and guardians in the school community through volunteer opportunities, including the following:

  • Fostering parent/guardian enrichment and support
  • Facilitating teacher support
  • Engaging in community building and outreach
  • Assisting in the fundraising goals of the annual fund

These volunteer opportunities are coordinated by committees, which include

Every parent/guardian at Urban Prairie Waldorf School is a member of Parent Community and is invited to attend Parent Community meetings and actively participate in the many volunteer opportunities available.  Committee chairs and co-chairs coordinate volunteer activities. Class delegates liaise between Parent Community and the classes they represent.

Class delegates for 2018-2019 are:

1st Grade: Amy Parakkat
2nd Grade: Heidi Jacobson and Karen Trine
3rd Grade: Carlos Ruiz and Michael Schwake
4th Grade: Danila Miranda
5th Grade: Open (Briana Villarrubia supporting)
6th Grade: NaTasha DeNeal and Jennifer Sutton
7th Grade: Cassie Cresswell

Members of the leadership team, the committee chairs and co-chairs, and class delegates serve for two years. Ideally each position is filled by two people, one senior and one junior, the senior serving as mentor to the junior until the senior rotates off, when the junior becomes senior and the process repeats itself. Realizing this ideal is possible only when many parents/guardians  participate in Parent Community. Nominations for soon-to-be-open positions are solicited in April with a vote in May. Parent Community maintains an archive of meeting minutes.

Parent Community may be contacted at